We are a passionate group of creatives eager to help guide you through the entire video production experience from script to final edit.











Since 2015, we’ve seen first-hand how emotionally driven videos have the power to transform brands from a one-dimensional commodity in the minds of consumers, to a solution they can’t live without. Video, done well, has the ability to make your business relatable and your brand unforgettable.

Set Clear Objectives & Define Success

During our initial discovery call, we will work with you to identify your main media objective(s) and brainstorm on how we can get there. From in-house production to rocket launches, our team will help you determine what your video journey looks like based on your budget and strategic goals.

Research Audience & Market

At Legend productions , we do our homework. Before diving into any creative, we take the time to independently conduct audience analysis, competitor audits and assess industry messaging to ensure maximum accuracy and precision with your emotionally-driven video campaign. We want to help you reach the right audience on time, all the time, every time.

Identify Targeted Message

Once we understand your goals, primary target audience and state of affairs within your industry, we work with you to define and perfect core messages. These core messages set the stage for developing your story and laying a strong foundation for your script

Develop Creative Concept

Story first, always. Together, this is when we begin to dream big and develop a creative narrative that will have a lasting impression on your audience.

Script And Storyboard

Once we have ‘The Big Idea’ we don’t walk, we run! We brief the entire team on all the details of your project: Our producers begin the pre-pro process, our story architects begin to craft the script and storyboard, our crew starts putting together their game plan while our marketing team begins drafting digital promotional material to support your goals.

Pre- Production

Before “lights, camera, action!” a lot of work takes place. Our producers, some of the most organized people you will ever meet, begin putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. From booking talent; securing wardrobe, hair and makeup; and tech scouting location(s) for your shoot, we ensure all aspects are in place for a seamless shoot experience.


It’s go time! On shoot day(s), you can expect a lot of fun! We’ve heard we’re a good time, but we’ll leave that for you to decide. Our crew will oversee every aspect of your shoot, from talent management to perfect set design, you won’t hear “that’s a wrap!” until we know we have the perfect footage.

Post Production

Magic doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our editing team are truly magicians. They see the end product from a pile of raw footage and know, every time, where things can be enhanced with coloring, sound design and special effects. Once we feel confident your video is ready, we bring you in for a live editing session or send you the video file for review. We will work with you until you’re over-the-moon with your end product and can’t wait to share it with your viewers.


Our studio offers over 10,000 square feet of virtual production space, plus some of the industry's most cutting-edge technology including advanced camera tracking and motion capture. Want to learn more?